Monday, July 8, 2013

Creating a Safer Bathroom

Did you know that many in-home accidents occur in the bathroom? These accidents, which are especially common among the elderly or those with mobility issues, are often the results of slips and falls. One of the leading causes behind these slips and falls, however, is simply not having adequate lighting. When designing the bathrooms of custom homes, always make sure you include ample lighting throughout the bathroom but especially in the shower and/or tub areas.

When coming up with your home plans, you should also think about the position of the toilet. Toilets should be placed several inches away from other structures, including walls, to prevent a person falling and being trapped in the in-between space. Likewise, when you have those with mobility issues in the home, it’s wise to choose toilet seats that are higher up so that the person has an easier time sitting down when needed.

For more tips on creating bathrooms and custom homes in general  that are safe for all people, contact Coastal Bend in Texas.
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